This section is an active and comprehensive repository of the latest research reports, policy and issue papers, presentations, statements and positions, toolkits, guides, and other relevant publications produced by APC and its members and partners.


APC-wide activities
APC Annual Report 2015 16 November 2016 APC

An organisation does not survive and grow for 25 years without a lot of help. I want to focus the introduction to this 25th anniversary edition of the APC Annual Report to thank APC's founders and everyone else who has been or is part of APC, or who has supported our work in one way or another.

APC Annual Report 2014 31 July 2015 Association for Progressive Communications

APC’s Annual Report for 2014 highlights the achievements of our membership and organisation towards securing and defending internet access and rights, fostering good internet governance, strengthening use and development of transformative technology, ending technology-based violence against wom...

APC Annual Report 2013
APC Annual Report 2013 06 August 2014 APC

This report is our year in review in which we highlight the impact our work has made for human rights in the internet age. Along with APC member stories spanning the globe, the report is a look back at the network’s most significant moments in 2013.    

APC Progress Report 2009 - 2012
APC Progress Report 2009 - 2012 17 October 2013 APC

APC takes a look back at the 2009-2012 strategic planning period, during which our work and the work of our members has been defined by the same set of six strategic priorities. The report also contains the most recent developments in APC’s strategic priorities as well as stories from 25 of our...

APC Annual Report 2011
APC Annual Report 2011 14 August 2012 APC

APC takes stock of our work in 2011 – the challenges and successes – in a year where huge political shifts occurred around the world. The APC Annual Report for 2011 is now available for download, with print to follow suit, shortly.    

Evaluation of Global Information Society Watch 2007-2010
Evaluation of Global Information Society Watch 2007-2010 27 October 2011 Debbie Budlender

APC has been playing a leading role in civil society-led global ICT policy advocacy since the inception of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in February 2001. Since the conclusion of the WSIS process in December 2005 APC has been active in follow-up global forums a...

The History of APC: A Timeline
The History of APC: A Timeline 28 July 2011 APC

In the 1980s as the Cold War intensified and the threat of nuclear war loomed the internet was only open to the military and academia. Commercial email networks existed but weren’t unconnected to one another. However a group of “documentation for action” activists emerged who saw that infor...

APC Annual Report 2010
APC Annual Report 2010 22 July 2011 APC

The Take Back the Tech! fund which disbursed $240,000 to 61 grassroots groups is one of the very few forward-looking small grants that funds tech initiatives to fight violence against women. This and other initiatives covered in APC’s latest annual report.    

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