Past Projects

Africa ICT Policy Monitor

The APC Africa ICT Policy Monitor’s primary goal is to enable African civil society organisations to engage in ICT policy development processes in order to promote an information society based on social justice and human rights.

Open access in Africa:

APC’s site provides basic information about international bandwidth in Africa, its costs and the existence of monopoly access to it. It focuses especially on the proposed East African cable projects and the ending of the monopoly of SAT-3.

Open access in Africa:

TRICALCAR focuses on developing a series of training workshops on wireless connectivity in three Latin American regions.

Open access in Africa:

The Gender, Agriculture and Rural Development in the Information Society (GenARDIS) small grants fund was developed in 2002 to support work on gender-related issues in ICTs for agricultural and rural development in the African, Caribbean and Pacific regions. In 2008, the third round of small gran...

Open access in Africa:
Building Communications Opportunities (BCO) alliance

APC is part of the Building Communications Opportunities (BCO) alliance, which is a loose network of experienced organisations in information and communications for development who have made a commitment to learning and collaboration. BCO members, or ‘partners’ as they are referred to, includ...

Open access in Africa:

ItrainOnline is a partnership involving eight organisations with particular experience in capacity building in development contexts. It aims to assist civil society organizations (CSOs) and other development actors in developing countries to confront the challenges posed by new information and co...

Open access in Africa:
Open access in Africa: EASSy, SAT-3/WASC research

In Africa, APC’s main focus is on access to infrastructure. Africa currently has to pay for some of the most expensive bandwidth in the world and the hard currency paid leaves the continent. Because East Africa does not have international fibre connections it is paying even more than West Afric...

Open access in Africa:
LAC Monitor: Research on broadcasting as a digital inclusion strategy

The research: “Effective access of rural communities to broadcasting in equal opportunities: A key strategy for digital inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean” aimed at answering the question: “How can broadcasting be used as a digital inclusion strategy?”.

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