Special Report on National and Regional IGFs: Participate in the survey!

Image used under CC license by Rachel Lyra Hospodar

APC has taken initiative to compile two editions of Global Information Society Watch focused on National and Regional IGFs (NRIs). While one will consist of independent and analytical perspectives on the role of NRIs in internet governance, this questionnaire is linked to the second volume, which intends to give voice and visibility to the stories of each NRI, to present their undertakings and to advance their perspectives on internet governance.

The IGF Secretariat is happy to support this project, in terms of providing accurate, factual information.

This short questionnaire includes an initial gathering of contact information to facilitate communication and coordination amongst NRIs, as well as three sections of open-ended questions, intended to gather NRI organisers' perspectives.

Please follow this link to fill in the questionnaire. Submit before 18 September 2017!

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