Join the People Links digital gathering to discuss technology-related violence against women

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People Links is a monthly online gathering hosted by May First/People Link members, for members and open to the public.

Join us on Thursday 27 March at 6-7 pm EST in Canada and the USA and 4-5 CT in Mexico (10-11pm UTC) to discuss technology-related violence against women and the tensions that exist between combating hate speech versus the right to freedom of expression.

The discussion will feature Erika Smith from APC. Erika works on APC’s Women’s Rights Programme which runs the Take Back the Tech! campaign. Erika is based in Mexico and will be talking about the work the Women’s Rights Programme is doing in Mexico and with partners globally.


VIA PHONE: Call 718 303 3204 and then Enter 6# to join the call

ONLINE: Download Firefox version 23 or higher, or Chrome/Chromium version 28 or higher and visit: ​

We’ll be providing interpretation in English and Spanish.

Erika Smith has been training women’s organisations in strategic and safe use of ICT since the early 1990s, with Mexican APC member organisation LaNeta and with APC.

About May First

May First/People Link is a politically progressive member-run and controlled organisation that redefines the concept of “internet service provider” in a collective and collaborative way. Like a co-op, we pay dues, buy equipment and then we all use that equipment as we need to for websites, email, email lists, and just about everything else we do on the internet. Learn more about us, our politics and membership at

Future talks will tackle topics such as software options in a climate of digital surveillance and how activists are circumventing copyright protections in their online campaigns. We’ll also be talking with May First’s Support Team to answer frequently asked tech questions and highlight new software updates and options.

If you are a May First member and are interested in pitching a future topic or helping to organise the People Links project, please get in touch at

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