Gender voices from Tunis
Gender voices from Tunis 12 November 2005 APC

Here’s some information about coverage planned for the WSIS at Tunis in mid-November 2005. See details of what’s expected via websites, blogs, RSS feeds and more, to keep cyberspace informed about what’s emerging.

APC... reflecting the WSIS
APC... reflecting the WSIS 12 November 2005 APC

Some of APC’s plans for reflecting what’s happening at Tunis include its English and Spanish websites and a blog in French. These blogs aim to be a mix of indepth structured articles plus notes and comment from the APC team in Tunis, and anyone else who would like to write. It’s open to the public to post items and comments, subject to posts being relevant to the theme.  

Welcome to the APC WSIS blog
Welcome to the APC WSIS blog 08 November 2005 APC

APC will be producing two APCNews/APCNoticias specials direct from WSIS and for the first time, original content in French. Watch our for our trilingual English-Spanish-French blogs!

The community telecentre cookbook for Africa: Recipes for self-sustainability
The community telecentre cookbook for Africa: Recipes for self-sustainability 13 April 2001 Mike Jensen and Anriette Esterhuysen

The aim of this manual is to draw upon existing knowledge and materials on Telecentres, and adapt them to the African context in a style, which is user-friendly and makes few assumptions about the user’s knowledge. This manual is aimed at any person or organisation that is interested in setting up a community-based Telecentre, such as a telecom operator, an NGO, a community group, a local gov...

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