Good-mannered women never make any history, even online

They say good-mannered women never make any history. And I agree. The definition of “good” has from time immemorial been skewed against women. Their dignity has always been latched on them being good and conforming to society’s standards of good women. To give the term “bad-mannered” woman context, the late Wangari Maathai comes to mind. As per society’s standards, she was not a good woman. She protested and disobeyed the then president, Daniel Arap Moi, who wanted to build a party headquarters in a public park. Disobeying the president was considered bad manners. These standards are not always fair, and a good place where it plays out is on internet platforms.

Scene one: Akothee V Ezequiel Mutua

Akothee aka the Lioness: She is one of the biggest musicians from Kenya. Known for her dancing prowess and business acumen. Arguably the richest musician in Kenya.

Ezekiel Mutua: The chief executive officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) and self-appointed moral police. Popularly known for wanting to take the “gay Masai Mara lions for counselling.”

It all started when pictures of Akothee posing provocatively in her white swimsuit during a performance went viral online. One of the photos showed the musician down on all her four limbs as she raised her booty to face the happy revellers at the Papa Remo Beach restaurant in Malindi. The other image showed the musician spreading her legs wide as her crotch faced the crowd. 

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